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Meet Maria Zanfrisco!

Maria is a dedicated entrepreneur, serving as the Owner & Co-Founder of the esteemed Inviting Wellness Center. With a passion for holistic health and community well-being, Maria has cultivated an oasis where individuals can nurture their mind, body, and soul.

In addition to her role as a visionary leader, Maria wears many hats within the center, including that of a Shop Keeper. Through her discerning eye for quality and craftsmanship, she curates a collection of Resale & Local Artisan Gifts, offering a unique selection that supports both sustainability and local talent.

Maria’s commitment to holistic wellness extends beyond business endeavors. As a certified Restorative Yoga Instructor, she guides individuals on a journey of inner healing and rejuvenation, fostering harmony and balance in their lives.

With her warm demeanor and unwavering dedication to wellness, Maria stands as a beacon of inspiration in her community. For inquiries or to embark on your wellness journey, you can reach Maria at 484-614-1937.

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